• Sclerotherapy

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Sclerotherapy is the method for eliminating superficial telangiectasias (“spider veins”) and some varicosities by the injection of a solution, called a “sclerosing agent”, into the veins.

A tiny needle is threaded into the blood vessel and a small amount of sclerosing agent is gently injected. This may sting for 20 - 30 seconds or cause a slight cramp. The injection “flushes” out the red blood cells temporarily, leading to an inflammatory reaction.

This reaction causes “sclerosis”, or the formation of fibrous tissue within the vessel, leading to the gradual disappearance of the vessel. This fading can take from a few weeks to a few months. Most areas will require between three to five treatments to fade.

It is important to realize that sclerotherapy does not prevent development of new spider veins and varicosities over the years. Many people will require treatments occasionally to keep their legs clear. Standing occupations, pregnancy and estrogen increase this tendency.

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