Andrea is a wife, mother of two and the founder of Forever Radiant. After being a nurse for 16 years and seeing many patients lose their self-confidence from sickness or being full-time caregivers, Andrea wanted to help give back some of that self-confidence to these individuals. Andrea was born in Ecuador and immigrated to Canada with her family when she was only three years old, making her fluent in Spanish and English.

Andrea has worked in the community alongside a family doctor before realizing that the fast pace of a hospital setting was her actual call. She has worked on many different floors, from the Medical floor, helping patients recover from life-threatening illnesses, to being a Float Nurse allowing her to work all around the hospital, including ER, Mental Health, Surgery, Pre and Post OP, Rehab, Medical Complex Care, Paediatrics, and Cancer Care, this is where she was able to tune all her skills fine and realized that being a medical nurse was her actual call. Andrea now works in the Rapid Assessment Unit as a part-time nurse to continue to help her community and keep her nursing skills.

Andrea’s journey began as a medical injector four years ago at a well-known institute, where she started learning about neurotoxins and fillers, along with other procedures. After being there for 1.5 years, COVID hit; seeing that this was not the time to pursue this new journey, Andrea decided to put her injectable journey on hold and go full force will her colleagues to fight COVID and help her community.

As time passed and COVID was more manageable, Andrea decided to return to her injectable journey and seek guidance from a well-known injector in Barrie and go under her wing to get more knowledge, refresher and hands-on experience. Learning more advanced skills in injectables, Andrea completed her time and worked a brief time along with this injector until being able to relocate to her very own space.

Andrea continues to advance her skills by learning the Russian lip Technique, which she completed alongside Farah Chahine, NP, who not only is Andrea’s medical director but also studied under world renowned injector and instructor Dr. Toma. Andrea has a significant interest in women’s wellness; since being a mother herself and seeing other mothers suffer from post-partum complications such as stress incontinence. Andrea has furthered her training in PRP and is now certified in the V-shot (also known as the O-shot) to helps women with many postpartum complications and sexual complications that come with menopause.

Andrea brings honesty, professionalism and in-depth knowledge, both in medical and aesthetics, to better service her clients. She is constantly learning new techniques that will only enhance her client's beauty and build their self-confidence without changing who they are.



All clients are required to pay a $50.00 non-refundable fee at the time of booking to confirm your appointment slot. Appointment reminders are sent out via email and SMS 48 hours prior to appointment date and time. We will not be responsible if your appointment is missed.

Appointments that need to be rescheduled or cancelled must be done 48 hours in advance, you can do this by either cancelling online or contacting the injector directly. Failure to do so will result in your credit card being charged based on the fees listed below;

-Cosmetic Appointments that cancel last minute ($50.00 + HST)

-No shows for a cosmetic appointment ($150.00 + HST)

-Consultation last minute cancellation or no show ($25.00 + HST)

The reminder text you receive doesn’t get incoming messages, ensure your injector has given you a response on the cancellation or else your credit card will be charged.

When you book online you authorize Nurse Injector to charge your credit card on file for any no show appointments or last minute cancellations.


Nurse Injector will work to accommodate clients who are running slightly behind but if the client shows up more than 15 minutes late the appointment may need to be rescheduled and result in a charge being made on your credit card due to a no show booking fee.


Clients who are not satisfied from the treatments they receive must contact the injector directly. We will connect with you and discuss how we can satisfy your needs to ensure you leave with desired results. As these are medical treatments, there are NO refunds for any services provided or promotional offers. According to the laws and legislations of the nursing profession, and the nature of confidentiality, legality and medical responsibilities NO balances can be transferable.

Following COVID regulations and guidelines, we are only able to refund products that are defective or causing adverse reactions to your skin

We appreciate your understanding


Downtown Parking Rates Apply 

Individuals displaying a valid Accessible Parking Permit or Disabled Person Parking Permit are always permitted to park for free in all municipal paid parking locations but are required to abide by any time limits that may apply to that location.

The following rates are enforced 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday. Downtown parking options are free on evenings, weekends and statutory holidays.

  • $1.50 per hour on-street 
    Note: on-street downtown parking is not permitted from 3am–6am December through March for winter maintenance
  • $1.25 per hour off-street, $7 daily max
    Exception: Collier Street Parkade at $1.50 per hour (no daily maximum)
  • 25¢ minimum payment (1-hour minimum for credit cards)\
  • *Yellow/Green Areas are by Parking Permits. Orange areas are by Hourly Rate* 

Arrival to clinic

-Entrance is located on the south side off of Dunlop Street East.

-You will find a big Intercom screen on main door, look for Forever Radiant, it will call us to grant access to building.

-Enter building, stairs down to basement, doors adjacent to stairs, clinic is located on the right hand side. 

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