Hi! I’m Andrea, a woman of many talents. Not only am I a registered practical nurse, but I have also created a successful cake business that continues today.

After years of devoting myself to patient care and making clients happy with beautiful cakes, and the fine eye for design, I decided to combine my love for nursing and business by researching and studying cosmetic aesthetics.

I have gained my knowledge from a private cosmetic injection school and have mentored with a highly trained and experienced injector in Barrie, Ontario. Furthermore, I have had countless hours of hands-on practice with numerous clients, all of which have remained loyal to this day. My years of bedside nursing has refined my skills not only in injecting, but also understanding anatomy and the biomechanics of products used to enhance, correct and/or eliminate problematic issues in which women and men alike may acquire within their lifetime.

My experience has made my customer service exemplary. I have the knowledge, competence, and professionalism to do things within professional standards and meet my clients wishes.

If you are looking for professionalism, excellence and someone who has in-depth knowledge and experience, book a consultation with me today.