• 02toDerm

02ToDerm Treatment

Oxygen Glass dome treatment price is $199.99 (includes a jelly mask to finish your treatment).

  • Add 15min to any facial or procedure for $40
  • Add 30min to any facial or procedure for $60

What is the O2toDerm?

Using high concentration oxygen and anion, it prevents aging caused by active oxygen, regeneration of damaged cells, improving immune system and protecting skin from toxic substances and bringing vitality into skin

There are 3 step to this treatment:

1. Oxygen Therapy

A Cooling effect of oxygen shrinks expanded pores, reduces pain, and is effective for calming your skin. It recovers damaged cells in a short time by generating more than 90% of high-concentrated oxygen and helps to disinfect acne. It promotes skin respirations having back vitality to skin and prevention of aging.

2.Anion Therapy

High concentrations of anions are supplied to the body by skin respiration with the forest's healing effects and prevent aging.Three million anions help skin cells being healthy, recovering, inflammation, allergy, atopy and blood purification

3. Oxygen Ampoule Therapy

High-concentrated oxygen and ampoule help to provide collagen regeneration, moisture, nourishment and to brighten skin deeply without irritation as a spraying method in a cosmeceutical way.

Who benefits for this Treatment?

  • Post cares after laser treatment
  • Recovery after plastic surgery
  • Moisturizing treatment
  • Quick recovery due to various skin concerns 
  • Needs treatment without affecting our daily lives
  • Before a wedding or a major event 
  • Sensitive skin with redness or swelling
  • Low-irritation treatment 
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